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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about using eWallet Xpress.

1. How do I sign up for an eWalletXpress account online?

Opening an eWalletXpress account is easy. Simply go to ewalletxpress.com and click the sign up tab. Then follow the instruction to enter the petitnent information such as name, address, password, email address, banking information etc for your account. Next you will be required to validate your bank account. Once you are verified, your account will be set up.

2. Is it possible to fund eWalletXpress accounts with my chequeing account?

It is possible to fund your eWalletXpress account. Simply log into your online account and click on the “make a deposit” option. Select the “checking” option and enter the amount to deposit into your eWalletXpress account. Then click on the “deposit” button. There are two methods for depositing funds into your eWalletXpress account: Xpress Funds or Basic. Xpress Funds is quick and the Basic option takes about 5 business days to process.

3. How can I deposit funds into eWalletXpress?

You can fund your account with Electronic Checking/Chequing, Online Bill Payment, Internet Banking, Bank Wire, and 900Pay.

4. What are the limits and fees for the different deposit methods?

U.S.A Deposit Methods
$150 USD
Basic Checking
$750 USD Per Week
Money Order
$1000 Per Day
Bank Wire
No limit
$15 bank charge
900 Pay
$150 USD











5. How do I withdraw funds from my eWalletXpress account?

You can call their toll free support number or email eWalletXpress at payouts@ewalletxpress.com to request a withdrawal. Specify the amount you would like to have deposited into your bank, and eWalletXpress will process the transfer within 7 to10 business days.

6. What is the fee for withdrawing with eWalletXpress?

The withdrawing fee is 10% with a maximum of $150 with eWalletXpress.

7. Is there a limit of withdraw?

You can withdraw $5.00 min. up to $5000.00 max. per day.